Yung feeling na hanggang ngayon umaasa ka pa rin na maggreet ka niya ng “Happy Birthday” kahit na ilang linggo na ang nakalipas :(

Kung kinakailangan ko maghintay para bumalik tayo sa dati gagawin ko pero sana wag mo akong sisihin kapag dumating yung panahon na mapagod na ako sa pambabalewala mo. 

When I hear someone say she has a crush on my crush >:)

Kapag todo kwento yung kaibigan mo ng mga bagay na wala ka namang opinyon


Yes sir! I will. :)

Happy Birthday Bes! :)

Before I had 2 girl best friends but they both left me. They replaced me with a new one. Since then I told myself that I will never have a best friend again! It’s been years since I had one. But then one day someone told me that he could be my best friend. I thought that I should give it a try this time since I haven’t experienced having a guy as my best friend.

At first nothing seemed to be different between him and my other friends. So I thought that maybe it was just a title. Just to say that I have a “best friend.” But as years pass by I felt that it was not just a title anymore. I’ve been more open to him and that we almost talk about even the weirdest things in life. I became more and more comfortable having him by my side. He never made me feel that I’m alone. He is always there whenever I need someone to talk to. Even if I have non sense problems and stories. Hahaha!

Now that we already have different worlds, we still manage to communicate at times. Whenever I have problems and worries I can still run to him and he would do everything just to make me feel better. :)


With him I became more open-minded about how guys feel and react to things and situations especially when it comes to girls and our dramas. He helped me to understand why guys act in those ways. I am so thankful because he is my best friend. Now I fully understand why it never worked out with girls as my BFFs. :)

Happy Birthday Bes! You will never see this because you don’t have an account here. Hahaha! I just want the people here to  know how blessed and thankful I am to have you. Okay enough with all these dramas. :)


=> Friendship is not measured by being together often, it is measured by being there for that person whenever he/she needs you. <=

I&#8217;m baaaaaaaaaaacccccccckkkkkkkk!!! :D

There are so many things that I would like to say to you but I don’t know how :|

Hearing and seeing things that hurts you so bad and you can&#8217;t do anything but this &lt;/3 :))